Suicide Prevention + Education


What We Do -

Embrace Mental Health assists with the planning of all components of
the College SOS Program, including on-site implementation as well as training for staff. Using a DVD and accompanying discussion guide as interactive teaching tools, the College SOS Program is designed to teach students to recognize the signs of depression and suicidiality, empowering them to intervene when confronted with a friend or peer who is exhibiting these symptoms.

This program highlights the relationship between mental illness and suicide, teaching students that suicide is often a fatal response to a treatable disorder - depression.

The College SOS Program:

• Teaches students that suicide is a preventable tragedy that often occurs as a result of an untreated mental illness

• Strengthens students’ abilities to assess signs of a struggle with depression and/or anxiety in themselves or their friends

• Identifies at-risk students and refers them to treatment

•Introduces students to the mental health community, on campus and beyond, and provides them with the tools and understanding needed to access it

• Encourages students to help their peers who may need support

After participation in the College SOS Program, students complete the program’s life-saving screening that enables participants to identify whether they - or a friend - might be at-risk and are in need of treatment. 

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